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Motion and transport in microorganisms / Bio- & geo-inspired novel mechanics
Previous Research

Fluid transport with mobile boundaries
  • Table-top "continental drift"
    Thanks to a layer free-moving spheres, self-sustained flow oscillation can be achieved with constant heating at the bottom and constant cooling at the top. The spheres, which do not join the convecting fluid, collectively serves as a "thermal blanket" and reduce the local heat transport. This thermal blanket effect can eventually overturn the convection flow, which dispatch the spheres and drive them into new aggregations. This cyclic dynamics is reminicent of our earth continents, which shares a similar "packing-unpacking" business over billions of years.

  • Multi-fermion systems
  • Implicit Density-Functional Theory

    Rather than obtaining an estimated forumation of the density functional, we minimisze the expectation of energy level of many-fermions with sufficient constraints so that the density functional is obained implicitly. More details can be found in our work
    Implicit density-functional theory | Phys. Rev. A ❱ | .pdf ❱ |
    B. Liu and Jerome K. Percus, Phys. Rev. A 74, 012508 (2006).

  • Current research